Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Modified on Tue, 14 Nov, 2023 at 4:19 PM

How to update the firmware of CoolWallet?

The firmware update is the update for the CoolWallet Card secure element settings. Some firmware updates may require users to recover their wallets. Please prepare your recovery seeds (mnemonics) before you proceed with the updates.

When there's an update, a notification will pop up upon opening the app. To ensure you benefit from new features and security enhancements, always keep your firmware up-to-date.

If you miss the pop-up, look for a red circle in the app’s Settings tab, under "Card Management" next to "Card Firmware Update."

We urge all CoolWallet users to stay updated for optimal performance and security!

Is it safe to send my non-functioning CoolWallet back to CoolBitX for replacement?

Sending your CoolWallet back to us is secure for several reasons:

1. Tamper-Proof Design: CoolWallet is designed to be tamper-proof. Its wafer-thin slim design coupled with compression technology ensures any physical tampering is immediately evident.

2. Secure Private Key Storage: The private key is securely stored within our Secure Element, boasting the top-tier CC EAL5+/EAL6+ certification, making it virtually unhackable.

3. Inspection and Exchange Procedure: If the product is confirmed to be defective, it will follow our stringent inspection procedure. We aim to complete the product repair inspection and provide a replacement within 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

How to use the Clear App Data and Restore Card to Default Settings feature? What is the difference?

1. The Clear App Data feature will erase your wallet data from the phone. However, the wallet data will remain in your CoolWallet.

Once you pair the wallet to the app again, all of your wallet data will be retrieved without the need to enter a recovery seed.

2. The Restore Card to Default Settings will erase the data from the phone and your CoolWallet.

Once the wallet has been reset, you will need your recovery seed to recover your wallet data.

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